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archive 2015




2015 11.28. - Winner Dogshow Nitra SK 
Judge: Václavik M., CR 

Puppy class VP1

2015 11.29. Slovakia Cup Nitra SK

Puppy class VP1

Nany thanks for super news from our Hungary friends  breaders of "Cloe" Cloverdale Danggali  of course many congrats!!!





23. - 25. october 2015 - Baldovec v Moravském Krasu 1. Danggali meeting

We had a great weekend with super friends and also owners our puppies. We had a nice all - day a walk on saturday, and on sunday we had play frisbee with Lenka and Nuri. Thank all for attendance at this meeting and we hope to meet all again soon.






10/24 2015 - Berkeley Danggali "Butch" new stud male !!!!




10/17 2015 - MSR Memorial Daniel Lukac Off Snow

"Nuri and her 1. competition in mushing sezon. She was the smallest dog, but she run with her big heart and we didn´t finish last ( 4th from the end) but for me she is the WINNER !!!!!!!!




10/12 2015 - 10.-11. october 2015 IDS Hungary Komarom

10/10 2015 - judge Korosz A., HU

open class: Annandale Danggali Ex1, CAC, res CACIB

10/11 2015 - judge Bozhinovski P., (MKD)

open class: Annandale Danggali Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Aisha fulfilled conditions for INTERCHAMPION !!!!

Many congrats her owners!!!
























10/12 2015 - new photo Nurinky "Biamanga Danggali" , Cony "Connolly Danggali" and Smoki "Catalina Danggali"






















10/11 2015 - awesome boy Cowboy "Cool Cowboy Danggali"  his another trenink of herding, he´s very skilful :)





10/04 2015 - Natalia wrote: "Today on the Obedience National Championship Butch "Berkeley Danggali" got the 5th place with a "very good" result out of 26 dogs in beginner class. I'm really proud of him because this was his first competition.




09/26 2015 - Club Dog Show Mlada Boleslav

judge Maruskova M., CZ

puppy class: Cool Cowboy Danggali "Kovboj"  VP1, and 5th place in BIS PUPPY!!

winner class: Bribie Danggali "Babů"  Ex3  and she finished titul Club juniorchampion :) !!!!!!

Judge: "nice puppy with super charakter" :).

Many congrats and we wish both another more show successes.















09/19 2015 - NDS Brno

chihuahua, judge Havelka T., SK

puppy class: Gladys Happy Darlings "Connie" VP2 from three puppies. Connie was excellent, didn´t be affraid. Judge commend her super movement :). We´re so proud.
















ACD, judge Matyas J., SK

puppy class: Carindale Danggali "Erinka" VP1,

It was the first show for Erin. She is appearing very promise :). Judge likes her. Many thanks her breaders for super exhibition.














09/10 2015 - super news!!!

Bribie Danggali "Babů" HD A, ED 0/0 



09/5 2015 - first herding training Cool Cowboy Danggali "Kovboj"  (5 month old), amazing boy :)





08/29 2015 - INTERDOG BOHEMIA IDS Mlada Boleslav

puppy class - Cool Cowboy Danggali "Kovboj"  VN1

open class - Busselton Danggali "Bastien"  V1, CAC, resCACIB






08/25 2015 - Hungary Szarvas tanya - Portelek

Natalia napsala: "Butch won today the herding beginner class! He was great! Today Butch passed the FCI Tradicional Style (Interbreed) herding work exam with 93 points out of 100. He got the best results today".

It´s super news for us. Many congrats!!! Thanks for video.




August 18th 2015 - super news fro Lenka and Nuri

"last weekend we were take a part of EC in dogfrisbee!!!!!! Nuri Biamanga Danggali  was incredible and she run and cath for 76th place from 174 competitor in SPTF !!! I´m so proud !!!!!!!!!"






August 8th 2015 - roaring success!!!! Herend National Dogshow Hungary

baby class - Cloverdale Danggali "Cloe"  VP1 and BIS PUPPY!!!

Many congratulats!!!


















July 21th 2015 - super new from Nuri´s breeder  Biamanga Danggali

Visegrad Cup Slovakia dogfrisbee super 3. place!!!

Many Congratulation !!!














July 18th - 19th 2015 - Czech National Dog Show Mladá Boleslav, judge Krinke M., CR

intermediate  Bribie Danggali V1, CAC

open class  Annandale Danggali - V1, CAC  finished Czech chapion titul!!!!

Many congrats :)!!!


July 10th 2015 - ..... Dag´s photo album  "Clifton Springs Danggali" na rajčeti http://bohdys.rajce.idnes.cz/Dagousek


















July 9.th 2015 - ..... and from Smoki "Catalina Danggali", .... her training for shows :) and new photo from Erin "Carindale Danggali"

Many thanks all owners :)

















July 8.th 2015 - new photos and super news from Karol  "Caroline Springs Danggali". Thanks her owners!!!





06/27 2015Cool Cowboy Danggali visit us :). Your mother Vendy didn´t forget about him :)



Cowboy´s photos  http://danggali.rajce.idnes.cz/Cool_Cowboy_Danggali_11_tydnu/



06/27-28th 2015 MVP Intercanis Brno

Annandale Danggali - V2 rCAC rCACIB

Armadale Danggali - VD3

Gratulujeme a děkujeme za předvedení pejsků :)

June 20. - 21. 2015 - National Dog Show Klatovy

Busselton Danggali - Ex1 CACA National Winner

Bribie Danggali - Ex1 CACA National Winner BOS

Many congrats !!!
















June 20th 2015 - new photos and super news from new homes vrh C-Danggali















June 13th 2015 - time to say good by Connolly Danggali.  She lives with hovaward young girl Darwin :)





11.6.2015 - Catalinka Danggali  we´re pleased with a new super message from Catalina´s owners :)

"Hello Alexandrа!  Catalina, excellent behaviour really interesting behavior very interested . Many curious it. Very active and contact. I like such an interesting behavior. Thank you for Сatalina. She is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

















9.6.2015 - s novými páníčky odjela i Cloverdale Danggali, bude bydlet v zahraničí, ale ne tak daleko abychom ji nepotkali třeba na nějaké výstavě v Česku :)



June 6th 2015 - another of our "The Magnificent Seven"  :) left us. Cool Cowboy Danggali ´ll live with 5 dogs and horseman´s family and Catalina Danggali travels far away. She certainly handle this journey and we´re looking forward to her photo from her new home and with her new family.

více ►vrh C-Danggali





















June 1st 2015 - all puppies are BAER ok, full hearing!!! We´re very happy :). 

Time to say good by puppies from our litter C :(

The first are leaving Clifton Springs, Carindale and Caroline Springs DANGGALI. All of them have super new owners and we hope to see them at sometime.

vrh C-Danggali



















30.5.2015 - last pictures of our puppies :( http://danggali.rajce.idnes.cz/Danggali_Vrh_C_7_tydnu/


26.5.2015 - we are welcome another visitors


19th May 2015 - 5 weeks :)  



May 9th 2015 - puppies 4 weeks :)



May 8th 2015 - super news!!!!!

Biamanga Danggali "Nuri"  HD A, ED OK, spondylosis free 


May 5th 2015 - a nice day with camera :) 





May 2nd 2015 - Dog Show Praha, judge Michael L. (IRL)

mezitřída Berkeley Danggali "Butch"  Ex1 CACA CACIB BOS11174837_944250222294324_9022727099063940641_n.jpg


Many congrats!!!!!!








March 21th 2015 - Vendy 41 Days pregnant :)                                                               Vendy 1st Day :)













... Vendy and Connie - http://danggali.rajce.idnes.cz/1._jarni_den_Vendy_Connie/





March 10th 2015 - Butch "Berkeley Danggali" and his webside!!! http://australiancattledog.cafeblog.hu/

Ausztrál Cattle Dog






March 1-st. 2015 - we´ve got a new membrer of our family chihuahua Connie "Gladys Happy Darlings"





February 15. 2015 - CACIB Hungary

intermediate- Berkeley Danggali  Ex1 CAC CACIB BOB      big condrats yes



February 12. 2015 - Thanks Peterovi and Hannah for the wonderful three dyas in Holland - We´ll except our new puppies in April 











thanks for photos Pavla S. RED DOGS photography


and ours photos from Holland  ►http://danggali.rajce.idnes.cz/Dutch_holidays_2015









February 12. 2015 CACIB Badapest Hungary

intemediate - Berkeley Danggali Ex 1 CAC CACIB BOB   CogratulationsNatali and Butch!!!



February 7. - 8.2015 - Duocacib Brno - big congrats all !!!  yes

February 8.2015 - judge Márová P., CR

open cass - JCh Annandale Danggali  V1

intermediate male - JCh Busselton Danggali  V1

intermediate female - JCh Bribie Danggali  V1, CAC, CACIB


February 7.2015 - judge Krol P., Pl

open class - JCh Annandale Danggali  V1, CAC

intermediate male - JCh Busselton Danggali  V1, CAC

intermediate female - JCh Bribie Danggali  V1, CAC, res CACIB



January 3. - 4. 2015 CAC Dogshow Brno, judge Ridarčíková G.

junior class Biamanga Danggali "Nuri" Ex1, JCAC, BOJ, BOB !!!!!! yes10915270_882460248452709_1638998496490888784_n.jpg

open class Annandale Danggali "Aisha" VG2

                   Armadale Danggali "Issa" VG1













Big congrats!!!. - http://danggali.rajce.idnes.cz/X._Hanacka_narodni_vystava_Brno







Happy New Year 2015