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We hope you will like our website and our dogs. 










"Danggali" is FCI registered and protected kennel name.

Danggali - the name of our kennel - is Wilderness Protection Area and Conservation Park in the northern half of the Murray Basin adjacent to the New South Wales border.

We´re a small Czech kennel breeding Blues. Our kennel is situated near Czech and Moravia Highlands. Our cattle dogs are members of our family. They are very loyal, obedient and intelligent.img_9721-copy.jpg

Our breeding aim is to breed high quality ACDs with conformation to ACD standard, socialized puppies, suitable to live in a family.

All our pups are raised inside and are handled by many people and children since birth.  We strive to breed excellent quality, healthy, strong and sound pups for all dog sports, herding, show or pets 
(10 pups have got title Champion).  

img_9512copy.jpgPuppies are on a strict worming and vaccination schedule.  They´re socialized with our dogs and family.

 Parents of our puppies are health tested (HD, ED, PRA-prcd,  PLL) and puppies are BAER tested (brain-stem auditory evoked response), and microchipped. Our puppies are tested on Volhard's Puppy Aptitude Test (PAT) Joachim and Wendy Volhard ©2003 (www.volhard.com), for CHOOSING THE RIGHT PUPPY FOR THE RIGHT HOME





Archive 2018 January   

August 5. 2018 - Herding  with sheep Budišov nad Budišovkou

Daydream Danggali HWT exam. Miley was very handy :).










August 3. - 5. 2018 - USDDN Europe Dogfrisbee Championship 2018

Trnava, Slovakia

A great results!!! Lenka with Nuri "Biamanga Danggali" 3rd place on USDDN dogfrisbee EC!!! in freestyle!!!

Big congratulation!!!












June 23. 2018 - IDS Intercanis Brno, CZ

judge: Piskay Vl. SK

champion class - Daydream Danggali "Miley" CAC resCACIB

veteran class - Quoin Princess Cisdabro "Vendy" BOV a BOS!!!











8.-10.6.2018 - Dog Expo Nitra, SK

President Cup 2018 

judge: Kotlár Róbert, HU

champion class - Daydream Danggali "Miley" CAC CACIB BOS


Grand Prix Slovakia Winner Show 2018

judge: Ridarčíková Gabriela, SK

champion class - Daydream Danggali "Miley" CAC CACIB BOS, Grand Prix Slovakia Winner


Derby Winner Show 2018 & Crufts Qualification

judge: Birk Carsten, DK

champion class - Daydream Danggali "Miley" CAC CACIB BOS













14. - 15.4. 2018 - Agility Qualification race for Championship 2018 Luhačovice

Super Aisha "Annandale  Danggali" !!! Big congrats a thanks our breeders for very nice photos














March 2018 - our herding with Miley :)















3. - 4. 2. 2018 IDS Duocacib Brno CZ

JCh CZ, JCh SK, Klubový JCh CZ Daydream Danggali "Miley"

3.2. 2018