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We plan our next litter for spring 2024


One female Cheynes Danggali is free, we offer her for sale :))))






Cornflower Goorialla's Dream "Puppa", this is the dog we chose for Miley. He is very nice, even-tempered, friendly, with a great pedigree. All health examinations and genetic tests are excellent. Puppi's ancestors include a lot of show and working successful lines (Landmaster, Kurpas, Banana Bender, Duwest). Grandparents, both on his father's and mother's sides, come from the famous Australian Landmaster line of the world-famous breeder and judge Connie Redhead.


Due to the show successes (Club Champion, Grand Champion) and work abilities (NHAT and HWT-TS) of our Miley, we expect from this combination balanced puppies suitable for work on the farm, dog sports, exhibitions. Thanks to the friendly nature of both parents, they also make great family canine companions.


GrandCh ČR, CH SK, Klubový šampion Daydream Danggali, HIC   x   Cornflower Gooriala´s Dream

HD A, ED 0, PRA A, BAER OK                                                                                      HD A, ED 0, PRA A, PLL N/N, 

 PLL N/N                                                                                                                      NCL adult onset N/N, NCL 5 N/N

Czech Grandchampion                                                                                                     Spine clean, BAER OK

Czech Clubchampion                                                                                                       

Slovak Juniorchampion                                                                                                   

HWT (herding working test)                                                                                        

































Puppies are on a strict worming and vaccination schedule.  They are socialized with our dogs and family.


Parents of our puppies are health tested (HD, ED, PRA-prcd) and puppies are BAER tested (brain-stem auditory evoked response), and microchipped.

Our puppies are tested on Volhard's Puppy Aptitude Test (PAT) Joachim and Wendy Volhard ©2003 (www.volhard.com), for CHOOSING THE RIGHT PUPPY FOR THE RIGHT HOME

Write us in time if you are interested in pre-booking  puppy!!!!!!          



Puppies from our previous littes






























Conditions of reservation:

Pre-booking is a deposit payment of 30% on account, this amount must be sent within 3 days of your provisional booking, then the puppy reserved. Upon receipt of the advance puppy is firmly booked. Is non-refundable and non-transferable THE OTHER BABY WITHOUT PAYMENT IS OF ANY NEGOTIATIONS FOR SALE ONLY OPTIONAL and puppy can be sold to another buyer.





our previous litters:



GrandCh Quoin Princess Cidabro aka Vendy:

litter A Danggali 

litter B Danggali

litter C Danggali

litter D Danggali





Armadale Danggali aka Issa:

litter E Danggali

GrandCh Club Ch Daaydream Danggali aka Miley:

litter F Danggali





Jemma Blue Cidabro aka El:           litter Q Cidabro









our previous litters























































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