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  Jemma Blue Cidabro "El"el312o.jpg


s: BISS Ch.Austmans Real Riot
m: Ch.Freya´s Charm Cidabro




heigth: 47 cm
weigth : 23 kg
PRA-prcd: patern B
HD B, ED free
correct scissorbite
full dentition



El is mine first cattle dog. She came to us from a breeder "Cidabro". She is blue with a left eye spot. El has great conformation, super temperament and a loving, sweet personality. She is the Alpha of our females. She is bold, confident and very sure of herself.

El´s father is one of the best red dog at the British Islands, the firsth red UK champion- BISS Ch. Austmans Real Riot (sun of Australian import Pavesi Real Mc Coy). Riot has only 2 litters out of Britain. That´s why El´s pedigree is very valuable for Europe.

 El´s mother is Freya´s Charm Cidabro „Chiki“, typical representative of  this breed. Her pedigree is very interesting, too. Sir ICh. Windwarriors Flying Force and dam ICh. Zeecidabro des Poenjaap- pedigree

  El is excelent bitch, with correct high and strength constitution. She is temperamental, obedient working dog, she learns very quickly. She is diffident of stranger. She is very loyal, obedient and extremely intelligent.

  We are training obedience, basic of frisbee, bikejöring and dogtrekking. We try to hearding, defence and agility or sometimes coursing.










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